What is Kundalini and it’s Purpose?

May 19, 2023


Kundalini is Feminine Shakti

Kundalini is creative life force energy in its purest form. Kundalini is Feminine serpent power. The serpent rises within your body: opening, healing, and clearing your energy. The Kundalini is a root chakra energy that derives its energy from the earth.

The kundalini in Sanskrit it is called the “coiled snake”, in Hinduism it is called “Shakti”, a flow of divine feminine energy. Shakti is Divine feminine life force power. The completed process is to lead to lead you to spiritual liberation.

The Purifying Properties of Kundalini

When Kundalini is first activated it transmutes fire consuming anything that is unlike love. As a result anything that is not in alighnment with your Mighty I AM presence is surfaced. It begins by doing this in your own physical body through the chakras, meridians and nadi’s in the body. The old adage, “As within so without” applies as your life. begin to notice the “burning” and “transmutation” of your life associated with each chakra. All that is not really you transmutes and is cleansed into a higher vibration by being consumed by the fire. Old relationships, passions not in alignment with your truth, addictions, old thought patterns and beliefs bare purged making room for the new.

Kundalini Fully Utilized

Kundalini consumes on it’s path of liberation all that is unlike love. Bringing healing light to each chakra, the associated organs, glands and systems and transforming the body into light.

As the Kundalini rises, the energy runs up the central nadi called sushumna, which is alongside or inside the spine reaching the top of the head into a state of bliss and spiritual liberation and a full activation of your own personal spiritual power. Through this process one can reach different levels of ascension, awakening of your consciousness. Full activation brings higher levels of love and light in your KA body. You will see great personal and spiritual expansion in your own life as it transmutes out into your auric field and out into your outside world. You will radiate out light, love and higher consciousness to all those in your presence.

What is the KA Body or Light Body?

Kundalini allows one to consciously cross the lower astral and mental planes. Kundalini ultimately merges with the universal cosmic power from above and the 2 energies become 1 Universal energy. As a result, the light body emerges up and out and around your being. The KA (light body) connects to little Merkabah’s or intersection points. These points connect your meridians and flows together in a grid or circuitry. It is “your Beloved”. Clairvoyantly, I see golden and white energy that intersects like a grid around the body, sparkling and alive with Love and light. It is blissful and quite energizing as it feels your energy and any others who are in your auric field.

Grace is a Crucial Aspect of Ascension

An awakened kundalini helps you to the degree you do your own work. It can only progress with the need of grace of your Highest Self and you doing your own inner spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological, generational, and physical healing work.

This means not only doing the inner work but alignment of your outside world as well. Releasing that which is there for distraction, that which does not feel your soul, that which is toxic in your life. This does not by any means mean you are to live as a hermit or a nun or monk, it means really coming into alignment of your soul, your highest self. Living your truth, and living up to your light and love levels. We do this in action by how we interact with others, including sentient beings and Mother Earth.

We are human and are to integrate and love and accept our “humanness” as well. This means integrating and loving and accepting the parts of us that we feel are unlovable and unworthy. Taking full accountability for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Utilization of the KA Body or Light Body

Once the KA is activated your light body is the vehicle to connect you with your Higher Self, I AM presence and Source. The goal of the soul is to merge with God, the activation of our light body is what gets us there.

When one has learned how to activate their KA body through Kundalini, you are able to unite Heaven and Earth energies within their own being, bringing Heaven (higher consciousness) to earth (in them). As this takes place your KA body (light body) is ablaze with active intelligences of light and love. The meridians, chakras and flows are filled with usable lifeforce energy to feed your body and it’s systems. It will bring health and vitality to your systems. Using this energy magnetizes to you that which you wish to bring into your life, it is a very powerful manifestation energy.

How to Activate your Kundalini?

The experience of awakening your Kundalini can happen when you are ready and prepared or unprepared. The passive path is when Kundalini is activated or transferred to another by another. A guru, teacher, master, or lover who has awakened their Kundalini transfers it to another sparking your own to come to life. This can help give the student an experience to use as a basis, but it is only temporarily there. This is a passive approach. When the student completely let’s go of all impediments and surrenders to their Divine and that of the other it can spark this awakening.

There is a more assertive path, where one consciously awakens their Kundalini with the assistance of a Spiritual Master Teacher and their Higher Self. Paths for this include meditation, yoga, and other healing practices that may involve breathwork, sound healing, Somatic Kundalini dance, or tantra Practices. I help clients with their Kundalini activations and clearing work, this can be done over-the-phone or in-office.

Restrictions for Kundalini Activation

Kundalini enters your brain and upper head centers. Because of this, if you have had a head injury, a stroke or suffer from seizures you should seek the advice of your physician before undertaking Kundalini Activation. If you are manic-depressive you should not do so during your manic phases. For all other people, the meditations are quire harmless and greatly beneficial. If you have headaches at any time during the training material, activations, and practices, stop and rest. Listen to your own inner guidance as you work with this energy. I do not recommend forcing the kundalini, relax and let the kundalini work for you.

In order to prepare the body beforehand it is wise to purify and strengthen the body and the nervous system so one can integrate the spiritual energy. A period of careful purification before and during Kundalini activations is essential for optimal health. Here are some of my recommendations to help with the physical body preparation:

  • Juicing is an amazing way to bring nutrients into the body. Nutrients are absorbed in you within 5 minutes of partaking
  • Eating a healthy diet full of healthy vitamin and minerals
  • Supplements to support the adrenals, nervous system, and other organs and glands
  • Healthy exercise and balanced with rest and sleep.
  • Drinking a lot of water, tea, and juices.
  • I have found healing treatments such as that which assists in healing the electromagnetic fields of the body: Check out a center that offers the Energy Enhancement system. Other treatments that can assist in cellular rejuvenation are very beneficial. To schedule a Quantum Healing Bed treatment, click below. It helps with cellular rejuvenation and the purification process.
  • Energy Healing Sessions during your Transformative process is very helpful as much is shifting in your energy and at times you can feel “undone”.

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