Energy Healing in Pregnancy and Pre-Pregnancy

May 20, 2023

Support Mama in pregnancy for a healthy baby and delivery


How does the baby in Utero benefit when the mother does energy healing on herself while pregnant?

Doing energy healing during pregnancy allows you to heal genetic patterns, yours or your ancestors. The baby gets to benefit from and not be born with the same genetic programing that doesn’t serve you or the baby moving forward. Working on mothers who are pregnant the soul of the baby can come forward, and under the direction of the higher self of the baby, the baby can receive what is needed energetically to be happy, healthy, and excited to be born.

Babies love healing light and frequencies

The baby in Utero loves energy healing. As you make healing shifts on your beliefs and growing new neuro-pathways the baby gets the benefits as well

As you fill up with source light through the healing process so does the womb and the baby benefits and absolutely loves it!

As you and the baby heal, a stronger bond between you and your baby is formed.

What benefits is there to doing energy healing about the upcoming birth?

We hold old programming and Traumas from when we have given birth before. It may stem from past life’s, former births to other children, and even genetic programing of your mothers, & grandmothers births. We also have our own birth story that can be influencing what you want for your own birth of your baby. Healing these birth stories can liberate you to create a new story of love and ease during your upcoming pregnancy.

Energy Healing for getting pregnant (pre-pregnancy)

Healing your personal, soul level, and genetic blocks and programing allows the body, mind and soul to clear a path of healthy conception. Most of us carry shame, trauma and guilt around sexuality, and mothering that can block and prohibit conception. Healing these blocks and issues have helped many to conceive healthy happy babies.

Receive assistance through energy healing today (over-the-phone) or (in-person) to create a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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