do you know

you are destined
for so much more?


      golden alignment

Create abundance, freedom, and connection by aligning with your soul’s true blueprint through a unique blend of energy healing, reiki, belief work, reprogramming, and soul realignment.


Akashic records

Get the clarity that comes with knowing who you are, where you came from, and what your mission on this planet is.


      female creatrix

Fertility healing, womb healing, sexuality healing, reprogramming, female empowerment, and pregnancy support.


Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home and take away exactly what you need at this moment. 

Somatic Dance Movement

Somatic Dance is a free-form movement practice where we align our chakras and clear our energy. We will use sound, breath, and movement to help shift, release, and unwind old stories and traumas. Begins at $33 a session.

House clearing

Through a clearing entities are removed, negative thought-forms, and portal ways are cleared out. Protection spheres are placed around the property allowing you to feel comfortable in your own sanctuary that is a vibrational match to you. $100


my experience with Jenny was           in-depth healing;
mind, body      



— toni price

Jenny is the           out there in this field! She is very             , caring and non judgmental.            



—  bryan lang

this is my why — 

to help you discover who you              are.


My soul purpose is to help you find your Divine path and help guide in those moments when we are in struggle and suffering. I want to help you follow the path of grace and ease. I am living in my joy and in my truth when I can help others.
I've lived through it and now I want to help other people create, by bringing clarity and consciousness. It's okay to be helped.

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A one-on-one soul realignment session, a custom Akashic Record reading, a group Somatic Dance practice: however you choose to work with me, know that you will be forever changed - for the better.

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