How to Prepare for Your Energy Healing Session?

May 19, 2023


You are signed up and excited for your first energy healing session. Yay! Here is what to do before hand.

1- How long is a energy healing session?

There is no set session length of time. Normally a trained practitioner will discuss your needs and feelings, then during the course of the session evaluate your progress and energy health. Estimate between 60 and 90 minutes.

2- Should I do an in-person or over the phone session?

Whether you desire a face to face session or a distance telephone session, take the time to understand what your intentions are. Trust that you will receive the healing your soul is looking for whether it is in person or over the phone. Energy does not have bounds with space. I am really good with time and space and can offer amazing healings no matter if over the phone or in person.

3- What is the setting like during a session?

An energy healing session is best performed in a quiet setting where disturbances are kept to a minimum. If in person you can expect to be in a room dedicated to creating a quiet, softly lit space, where soft music and pleasant smells are present. IF over the phone try to create a quiet space for yourself to heal and where you can be present to focus on you. We will have a quick conversation to bring up your intentions.

If in person one will have some conversation face to face, reprograming will take place either on or off the massage or treatment table in the healing room.

If over the phone please sit in a comfortable, quiet space.

4- Do I have to share any private information before the therapy session?

Your practitioner may request you name, address, email address, telephone number, and basic health information. You may also be asked to sign a consent form. Your practitioner should explain the basic process of an energy work session, and ask you if you have any questions. If you have any health concerns that you feel your practitioner should be aware of, this would be the time to share them, especially if you are sensitive to touch, have had surgery recently, prefer to lay a certain way, etc.

5- In an In-office session am I fully clothed?

An energy healing session is always given to a fully clothed person who is lying on a massage / treatment table or comfortably sitting in a chair or recliner.

6- What will I feel, or experience during a session?

This is a very subjective thing, and varies person to person, and feelings include emotional, spiritual, and physical. Some physically feel heat or pulsating or waves of light coming through their body. You may notice energies that are dark (meaning no light in them for you) leaving. Emotionally people feel comforted and shifting energetically through the session. A feeling of stress relief and relaxation is very common after. Some people feel they are able to advance spiritually as they discuss blocks and troubles they are experiencing. People experience a spiritual high, perhaps leading to tears of joy shed by the both patient and practitioner. You may feel wrapped in the divine arms of love as healing light holds and nurtures you. You will leave feeling balanced, restored, and aligned.

7- Will I need more than one energy work session?

This is a personal choice best made by you and your heart. If you have specific issues you are trying to address, evaluate your progress and consult with your energy work practitioner. It may take a series of sessions, perhaps weekly or several per week, to surmount some issues and heal the body and its energy. Realize, healing often happens in layers, and while we may feel that today’s session was a success, more issues could emerge as time passes. Again, trust your heart, and don’t feel pressured by anyone to do more than you feel is necessary.

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