Do Remote or Phone Energy Healing Sessions Work?

May 19, 2023


I’ve been asked if Energy Work can be performed over great distances, via telephone.  And the answer is yes.  With remote energy healing clients will receive great satisfaction and absolute positive results.

How does remote energy healing work?

I believe we can send healing light and energy across space and time to someone.  Our intent in using that healing energy can be used to cleanse people, pets, spaces, the earth, and businesses. If someone is not physically present for a session, I just need to connect to them energetically and with their permission. Our perfect spirits will direct the session and healing work. During a distant healing the energy is cleared and cleansed through the principle of faith, and the laws of time and space.

Energy can be influenced upon another regardless of time and space. As energy is not bound by time and space. Some have also compared distance healing to the power of prayer. Prayer works largely because we believe we can send others our love, blessings, and intentions. We do this by connecting via the power of faith and prayer through our God or higher source.  Energy healing works on a similar principle of intent, faith, and belief that the universal life force energy is also the same as “God energy” and it is everywhere at all times and spaces.

How is this applied in other ways in a Healing Session?

In Energy Healing this principle is applied. It allows your soul to go to times and spaces that need healing that are influencing your current reality. We may be going back to a time where your inner child (past parts of you), was traumatized. That might even include past lives.

If you feel that you would benefit from a distance healing session, I would be honored to assist you, no matter your location.

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