What Healing Modalities and Techniques Do I Use?

May 19, 2023


I use a variety of healing modalities to help you heal, grow, expand and be your best version of yourself. I follow the guidance of Source as to which healings and modalities that you need for healing, and I may use 2-3 different techniques during a session. If you desire a certain type of healing, please let me know. Here are a few of the following techniques I use in a session.

Quantum Healing Technique

In this technique we find the issues you are working through. This can be old programing, issues you are having with health, relationships, abundance, etc. We begin by loading this all up in the Akashic Records on a Soul Level. Then we bring in the light to let it go. Then we bring in the truth of who you are, the soul solution to these issues and replace it. This is a deep and very transformational experience leaving you free to move forward in your life empowered and healed on a very wide and deep level. This will heal your inner child, any and all past parts of you including past lives, parallel life’s and future issues contributing to the dis-ease in your body or life. It is quantum (large and wide and deep) to give you a very thorough proper healing.

Activating your spiritual gifts

During this type of activation, you will be attuned to the healing frequencies and your own spiritual gifts. These gifts are already yours, but often lay dormant within us. I will activate these gifts during a session. We each have our own healing gifts and modalities. During these activations you may see, hear, feel, see, energies and shifts as your gifts awaken.

Here are some of the gifts that we will activate:

Intuition: Clear GPS system within you

The gift of sound: Using tones, sound healing, hearing angels and guides

The gift of light: Being able to see energies and bring in light to heal

The gift of Frequency: Using and calling in frequencies to heal and directing higher frequencies into places of lower frequencies and vibrations

The gift of Systemized Healing: This gift opens up your ability to use reason, neural pathways, systems such as charts and knowing the reason behind the healing.

There are many gifts that can be opened up and activated and different levels of activation as well. Sometimes we are ready for an upgrade or cleansing of the gifts we already have. I enjoy offering this work to my clients.

SST: Spontaneous Transformation Technique

This technique is to take you to the center of your soul and bring in the little part of you: usually between the ages of birth-8, where the issue originated. Then we do a gentle healing process to unwind the trauma, by being present and letting the little child feel their feelings in a safe and supportive way. As the little one heals it moves to all the times and spaces the issues is now contributing to. It is a very powerful healing modality.

Channeling Healing Energies

I channel in the Gods/ Goddesses, Ascended masters, rays of light, element energies, Tones, frequencies, colors, sacred codes, Reiki Energy etc. and I channel messages and healings and direct it to where you need healing.

Kundalini Activations and Healings

Kundalini is a healing energy that flows up from the earth and up our spine to help one heal, open and activate your highest potential. There are multiple levels of kundalini activations. This will be done through breath-work, meditation, sound healing, and your personal guides along with mine. This will help expand and awaken you to the next level of consciousness.

Furthermore, as Kundalini rises it first clears out the darkness within you, as you release that which is not light it allows true light to take its place and help you expand and grow into your divine light presence, some call this your KA. Your KA body is made of light. This light is used to help you manifest, heal and expand into your mighty I AM presence.

Ascension Activations

As you expand and grow there are times you are ready to receive upgrades to your light and love levels, including upgrades to different aspects of your life (personal, abundance, health, ascension, spiritual, relationships). I will guide you to the center of your soul where we will start the ascension activations. This is a beautiful experience full of so much love and light. It opens your energy to receive more of your higher self and the gifts and activations of your highest truth.

Rapid Eye Technique

This will help you do some reprogramming of old programs using a “blinking eye” technique and scripts to help you release and let go of the old programs that just keep you stuck.

Soul Realignment/ Akashic Clearing

Your soul records are your Akashic Records, which holds information and the stories of all your existence. Moreover, it is here where old blocks and restrictions that are from other times and spaces that are contributing to the issues you are facing and release, and removed from hindering your progress. We can also activate your full potential of your Mighty I am Presence from this space including your original blueprint (your original creation before any trauma, distortions and mutations came into your soul.)When one heals at this level there is great expansion.

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