What is Christ Consciousness?

May 12, 2023


Living in the light of Christ Consciousness

You might be wondering what is Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is Love, it is Source, it is you as unconditional self-acceptance, love and self-devotion. It is time to embody ourselves as Source, and not from a place of pride and ego. When we do this we are in a place of seeing and knowing all of life is an expression and creation of Source. This allows us to step into a place of harmony with the flow that is you as Source.

Ego can and does try it’s best to claim it’s separation from Source, and that is appropriate for ego. We have traversed consciousness of One-ness and Unity and came into the 3D world to experience that separation. Then we turn back towards that unity once again. That is the journey.

We are multidimension beings, meaning there parts of us are currently living unified oneness with source. There are other parts of us that are still living in separation. Our goal is to have compassion for all these egoic and alter parts of ourselves and integrate them within ourselves. Once we do this we then align in harmony, balance, self-acceptance and appreciation for the journey these parts of us gave us. Then we begin to take huge leaps in our steps toward liberation, freedom and unity in Christ Consciousness.

The Christened-Self

As we liberate ourselves in taking 100% accountability for our lives, our thoughts, feelings and actions, it moves us towards the energy of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love. In this pure energy we in essence become our own “Christened-Self”.

Christ in biblical terms was about having and needing a Savior, sacrifice and suffering, it was what was required in that time. We have moved into the age of Aquarius. Into Unity Consciousness, in this space we see that no one need Saving, as their are no victims. We are the creators of our lives and we create everything in it and it serves us, until it doesn’t. Then we HEAL! Healing is the changing of consciousness, allowing the old to sluff off and recognize that was not our true-self and transition into love. Healing is really just moving into a higher level of Love.

Are there higher beings of light to assist us?

I believe in higher beings of light, and believe that we each are multi-dimensional beings. As such there are parts of me and parts of you that is equal to the level of light and love that the beings we call, “higher beings” are at. From that perspective there is no hierarchy from their perspective.

In my human form, I am not running at all times at that same frequency, and I see and fell the separation. When I feel stuck or separated from Source, I ask for beings of higher vibration to come in to help. These beings may be angels, guides, ascended masters, my Divine parents, and my Perfect Spirit. They come to help me with my personal healing work and to assist others that I help in healing. As I bring in higher beings of light, love, and pure source energy, they show up with the Soul-ution of what is needed. This comes in as inspiration, intuition, healing energies, messages, frequencies, colors, and helping to see things from a new perspective.

Are there “Others” in Unity/Christ Consciousness?

We get to be sovereign in our unity consciousness. This means we get to make our own decisions, we have our own thoughts and feelings, we have our own personalities. It is healthy to understand that we have individual consciousness as an extension of Source. As such we get to inner-stand that Source energy is you as your self!

In life who-ever and what-ever shows up in our life is in some aspect a reflection of self. This is the game we chose to play being here on the planet. When we take full accountability that we are the creators of our lives and experience, we then are empowered to begin to really create our lives from a place of empowerment. If we are triggered by what someone else did or does or says, it is showing us somewhere within us that is ready to be healed. When we take the time to love, accept, and ask for forgiveness from these parts of us, it allows these parts to be integrated into harmony and Unity.

As we shift these egoic parts of us into acceptance and self-unconditional love, it will shift who and what ever showed up as well, though that is not our focus. Our focus is to be on us and loving and forgiving and accepting ourselves.

What are some other terms for Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is Pure Love, and as such another term is Love Consciousness. It about being in balance and harmony and unity with yourself and all of life, therefore anther term is Unity Consciousness. If you have triggers with any of the words: Christ, Love, or Unity, that is to be noticed and doing some healing work around those words can help you embody all parts of you that are resisting stepping into this 5th Dimensional living.

What does it feel like to be in Christ Consciousness?

It should feel like “The real you” finally showed up. As you begin the process of entering 5D love consciousness you may at first feel a lightness, accompanied with an expansion energy, you may feel empowered, unconditionally loved and accepted and uplifted by Source. You may feel invincible, as if nothing is in your way. As you move into this energy you realize it is YOU as Source. As you accept this it allows the energy of higher vibration to anchor into your being, It may come down through your crown and down your body and to be anchored into the earths core. Some may feel it expand from their higher heart space or soul space and expand outwards.

Misconceptions of Christ Conciousness:

Some may believe that when you are in 5D energy of Love-consciousness that you are not grounded and instead airy or floaty. Some may feel like they can’t function in the world. These root back to programming. This may happen at the first activations of this energy, but it is meant to be embodied and grounded in you. It does no good if you cannot uphold this energy in your physical body, connected to the earth so you can bring this energy out into the world in all you do.

Some may also believe that when they are in love consciousness they are “soft” or a “yes” man/woman, meaning they walk around overextending themselves and giving love to everyone. This is far from the truth. When you are in true 5D energy your boundaries are strong, you know saying “no” is love when it does not honor your soul. You live in alignment with your soul’s truth, connected to that truth at all times. (Remember it is a journey and we are moving more and more into living from that space as a collective).

Anti-Programming of Christ Consciousness:

We hold deep subconscious programming that can hinder the integration of this energy. Some programs may include:

  • Over giving and not receiving, these programs root from survival and needing to gain love and approval by over-giving. This creates dis-harmony and an unbalance in you and your life.
  • You can’t be powerful and love at the same time. When in reality self love, self acceptance is a powerful energy. It is power to stand in your self-love.
  • We all have programing that is 3D living: sacrifice, struggle, suffering, poverty, etc. These deep programming begins to shift as we move up and out of 3D and 4D living.
  • Angels are more powerful than yourself. This is a false perception, you are a spiritual being in a physical body, anchoring your spirit in your physical body as your vehicle is more powerful than if you didn’t have a physical body to use on this planet. Bringing your spirit, (your higher self), and the energy of Christ Consciousness into your physical body and anchoring it into the earth plane is where your power is at.
  • Many of us grew up in a religion that we may still be part of or left. Regardless there may be triggers to the term “Christ Consciousness” or blocks to this energy from our upbringing. Some prefer to use the words love-consciousness or unity-consciousness in stead of Christ Consciousness. It is all the Same, it is Source Energy of love.
  • Many have programs around needing to prove, do, to earn love.

It is about being-ness not doing-ness

5D energy of Christ Consciousness is about Being-ness, it is not about doing. This does not mean you sit around all day and do nothing, it has more to do with moving in a space of knowing and being love, love that just is without conditions. This love MOVES you into inspired action. We move and go and do in accordance to the flow of inspiration and intuition guided by our sacred heart (soul/spirit).

How to Apply

When we fully activate this light within us, our sacred heart is activated (which is also referred to as your higher heart or ascended heart, which lies around or near the thymus gland). This chakra helps you live in direction to your highest potentials in your life. As you activate and utilize the energies of the sacred heart, you learn how to get out of your head and be in your heart letting go of concerns and worries. You are able to feel nurtured, supported, connected and oneness.

You cannot be in your sacred heart and feel fear at the same time. Learning how to let go and be in your heart, letting your heart light shine is a superpower. Your sacred heart will not guide you wrong. It will help draw to you all you need, people, places, events, situations, things, etc. Your Sacred Heart has amazing magnetizing energy. It radiates pure unconditional Christ Light.

Bonus Meditation

I have found this method of entering the sacred heart through meditation. I share this method with you, however if you find another technique works for you, have the courage to follow a similar technique:

Meditation to enter your Sacred Heart to activate Christ Consciousness 

Go to the Center of the mind:

Bring your awareness to one point in the  center of the mind, see it like a pearl. Bring all your attention there. It now spins and drops to the back of the head as you tilt the head back slightly. Next see it go down the throat and into the back of spine at the heart chakra.

Enter the Heart:

See yourself standing in green grass. This is the color of your heart chakra. Imagine it is a beautiful sunny warm day.  Wiggle your toes as you imagine your feet are bare and deeply rooted in the earth.

Go to the center of the Soul

See yourself standing in green grass. This is the color of your heart chakra. Imagine it is a beautiful sunny warm day.  Wiggle your toes as you imagine your feet are bare and deeply rooted in the earth.

Next command the energy to move you to the center of your soul (you may feel shifting as your energy pearl may take you to the left and right and down and up, etc.

Enter Sacred Chamber of the Sacred Heart

As you arrive and trust you do:

Next imagine in front of you a door that represents the door to your higher heart or sacred heart. The door opens and you step out into your sacred heart space.

Trust what space shows up for you. Here are some suggestions of possibilities.

This door may appear as a large tree, with a door in the trunk (tree of life) 

A temple

A simple door in the field

A staircase with a door at the top

An entrance into a mountain

Or something else altogether.

Walk towards the door taking deep breaths with each step, releasing all resistance to entering that sacred space.

Claim your Sovereignty and Seniority (being yourself)

Open and enter through the door. Feel the golden and white sparkly light all around in that space. 

Find yourself going to the center of that space and sitting on your own throne of sovereignty here. Taking ownership of this space as your own.

Invite in your higher self or I Am presence to join you in this space. 

Soul Mantra

In this space of union with your I AM presence begin to affirm the Soul Mantra:

  • I AM the Monad (the Monad is the Creator of your Soul)
  • I AM the Light Divine
  • I AM Love,
  • I AM Will,
  • I AM Fixed Design

Now you know how to be in your heart center.

How to apply the meditation

Spend time several times a day dropping down into the heart center. Next imagine joining hands with your I AM presence. Ask your I AM presence to line up your next steps with grace and ease.

Now let your heart guide you, let it be like a steering wheel in a car and let it tell you what direction to go. Anchoring in Christ Consciousness comes in waves, there is expansion and contraction. When you are living from your heart space (being first in command), with your mind as second in command, you are living in Christ Consciousness.

Work with me to assist you to step into Christ Consciousness

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